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Q. What is PR Examples?

A. An online project dedicated to curating the best in innovative PR, social media marketing and creative communications. A place to procrastinate, get inspired and steal ideas.  

Q. Can I become a contributor?

A. Oh Yes. This is a multi-contributor blog and we actively invite all interested in getting involved to get in touch. DM us via Twitter or drop as an email to news [@]

Q. I’ve done a great campaign will you cover it?

If you’re an agency or in house team that’s done some boastable work (but are too shy to blog it yourselves) then give us a nudge via Twitter DM or news [@]

If it’s creative, innovative and has cut through into the news cycle then it’ll be of interest to our readers.

Q. Can I advertise on the site?

Yes please – that’ll help us cover our hosting costs. is the most popular independent PR blog in the UK. It regularly receives more than 60,000 unique visits each month, reaching thousands more through the newsletter.

Q. Who runs the site?

The site is run by PR and creative agency Taylor Herring  – the site’s janitor is @itsjamesherring