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Activists in south London are protesting the lack of black actors in lead roles in film and TV.

By on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Young activists in south London are protesting the lack of black actors in lead roles in film and TV.

They’ve taken films like the Harry Potter movies and TV shows such as the Inbetweeners and done this.

The spoof film ads were created by Shiden Tekle and his friends to put on their walls at home, but were picked up by advertising agency Special Patrol Group, turned into 6ft posters and put into bus shelters around Brixton.

They’ve been popping up all over South London.


Here’s what Tekle told the Guardian;

“I’ve been racially abused since I was 12 and we are always looking at the media and never seeing any positive representations of black people. In big films, black characters are often playing criminals and drug dealers, and that quickly conditions people to believe that all black people are like that. So, we decided to put black faces in the big movies, and challenge people’s perceptions and assumptions.”

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Hannah Green

This is a really engaging blog post that emphasises the importance of equality amongst the film industry, particularly as it aims towards the younger generation who are becoming increasingly aware of these types of issues that need attention. Presenting black leading roles on the cover of some of the most famous films in history is extremely effective, because it highlights to us the equality that is missing from varied industries. The positive reaction you have presented from Twitter further shows the increasing awareness young people have today, and this blog post does an effective job in further drawing attention to… Read more »