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GAME launch around the world pilgrimage for gamers

By on Monday, November 11, 2013

Like most people my age, I’m 26.

Only kidding (WOW, I’M HILARIOUS). What I mean to say is, like many my age, I’m a big video game fan. My crush on gaming began with Sonic in the early 90s and developed into the full-blown, sickly-sweet love I have for it now during the years I spent playing hooky copies from the market on our chipped PS1.

It’s less common now as games compete with Hollywood, but, when I talk about gaming, there’s usually one person that scoffs and says something like ‘get a life’ or ‘go outside and interact with real people’. I bet these people are the same people that do this:

Anyway, minor irritation SEAMLESSLY slotted in, there is a nice gaming campaign this week from UK retailer GAME.

The chain teamed up with STA Travel to offer ‘The Epic Gaming Adventure’; a four-week long, £5,500 pilgrimage (per person, based on two sharing, and includes flights and accommodation in four- and five-star hotels). The trip, stopping off in big cities all over the world, will, in GAME’s words:

take you to some of the top gaming locations across the globe. Visit the home of some of the biggest publishers in the world;  iconic locations that have inspired the settings of some gaming favourites, and  take a trip down memory lane to visit some of the world’s top retro gaming arcades

Here is a map and explanation of each stop, taken from the product/campaign page:

game epic game adventure

The campaign aim, I’m told, was to promote GAME’s upcoming ‘Epic season of Gaming’ above the line campaign.

At first, I thought (hoped) there would be a competition to at least be in with a minute shot of winning a trip, but it is seemingly a straight-forward partnership, albeit a nicely-targeted one. (If anybody from GAME/MHP would like to send me on it anyway, I’m not too fussed about first class, thanks).

The campaign has so far achieved coverage on/in the Guardian, Metro, Telegraph, Mail, MCV, Digital Spy and a number of other video game news sites, too. Sure, it’s not a standard out-of-the-box stunt/campaign, but as an actual product that will make both STA and GAME real life cashmoney, the coverage isn’t just coverage for coverage’s sake and a few sales mean it will have paid for itself.

Read more: GAME’s site

Involved agency: MHP Communications

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