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Björn Borg plays a tennis match on the border between the U.S and Mexico

No, not the actual Björn Borg, but the Swedish sportswear brand named after the famous player.

In a promotional initiative intended to highlight sport’s ability to ‘unite people’, the brand set up something of a unique tennis match.

Orchestrated to draw on US President Donald Trump’s ‘build a wall’ policy, and coinciding with Wimbledon, Mexican player Mariano Argote and American player Peter Clemente played a tennis match, on the U.S. – Mexican border with one player on each side of the border.

Dubbed the Borg Open, half the tennis court sat on Mexican soil and the other half on US soil.

A nice campaign idea, based on the solid and emotive premise of finding commonality across borders, but – and this might just be my mood as I write this as I near the end of the work day – it’s SUPER schmaltzy.

The tennis match was played at Tijuana River, between San Diego (US) and Tijuana (MX).

Further reading/source: Bjorn Borg blog

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