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McDonald’s introduces the Frork to scoop up lost toppings

No, I didn’t misspell ‘fork’ in the headline – it’s really a Frork!

McDonald’s has created a new utensil that finally (?) lets dinners turn their fries into a more successful scooping machines for those sauce and toppings spillages. Struggling to visualise it? Check it out in action:

The Frork has been launched alongside McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes range of burgers which, coincidentally, happen to be very saucy. So it’s a win for people who like to play with their food as much as they hate to waste it!

Disappointingly for fans in the UK, this Frork is only available in certain US restaurants, but no doubt we’ll see them cropping up on eBay, or a garage sale, fairly soon.

In terms of a PR stunt, it’s certainly doing the rounds and is getting far more press coverage than a simple announcement about a new range of sandwiches, so in that respect it’s a success. I’m not a fan of it as a concept though, and much of the social media chatter around the announcement was firmly on the side of mockery. While this won’t harm an established brand like Maccy D’s, I hesitate calling it a win!

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