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Journalists ‘bribed’ in brilliant Dictator DVD release stunt

By on Wednesday, August 8, 2012

To promote the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator on DVD, media outlets have received a cash bribe along with a letter ‘signed’ by Admiral General Aladeen thanking them in advance for their ‘5 out of 4 star review’ of the movie.

Here’s the full letter below – it’s brilliant…

Source: Ryan Hyman and Zoo Magazine

Involved agency: Shine Comms

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Ben Caspersz

Wonderful stuff

Chris Date

One of the best things I’ve seen this year….and how we’d all love a client that allows us to do things like this!

Simon Byron

Did they get any complaints, do you know? I am astonished they got away with that John Lennon joke, given Twitter’s tendancy to get offended at anything and everything.


Simon Byron, you have an interesting idea of the sorts of things Twitter gets offended over.

Simon Byron

Twitter gets offended over anything and everything. I am surprised (but pleased) that no-one took issue with this. Good to see an agency having fun.

Summit Technology

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if the press is no responding even after that, RIP……