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Oreo creates the Oreo Brow challenge

By on Friday, October 5, 2018

Oreo has enlisted influencers to help them prove that ‘Some People’ll Do Anything For An Oreo’ in a multifaceted  creative campaign.

One of the challenges is urging people to ‘Oreo’ their brows by drawing black and white lines above their eyebrows, creating a stylish ‘Oreo-like’ effect.

Oreo fans are encouraged to upload pictures of their efforts and tag #Oreobrows on Instagram.

The grand prize is simply a single pack of Oreos. Nevertheless, the bizarre stunt has gained a lot of media coverage and social media buzz.

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Just don’t even ask ??? #OreoBrows @oreo

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Another aspect of the campaign is Oreo’s partnership with YouTubers ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ who have a following of 11m. The video they created with Oreo has over 1 million views.


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