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La Redoute comes back with a brilliant PR campaign!

By on Thursday, February 9, 2012

Earlier this month la Redoute, one of France’s biggest mail-order fashion retailers, had to apologise for publishing on their website a picture in which a naked man was appearing behind a group of children on the beach. You might have seen this, but just in case you missed it, here it is again.

La redoute failed picture

La Redoute 'f'ailed picture'

PR stunt…. or not, the image has since been removed from the website.

Nevertheless, the PR team saw an opportunity to take this even further and transform the PR ‘faux-pas’ into a real and brilliant PR campaign.

On the same model as the game “Find The Error” La Redoute revealed, via an online video (here(If you want to watch it, sorry it’s in French!) that there were other mistakes on their website and have asked people to find the pictures with the ‘hidden’ errors. A race against the watch to win 200 euros worth of La Redoute voucher for those who will find the ‘failed pictures’.

Great success as all the pictures have now been found and all within the space of two days!

Bravo La Redoute!

You can see ‘La Redoute failed pictures’ on their Facebook page here.

One comment on La Redoute comes back with a brilliant PR campaign!

  1. Frances A says:

    I am experiencing a PR Fail for La Redoute at the moment and it’s quickly becoming a La Redon’t.

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