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Yes, the Sainsbury’s tigerbread story is from last year

By on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

There are, as far as I can tell, three types of reaction to the news that Sainsbury’s is renaming their tiger bread to giraffe bread following this cute exchange between a 3 year old girl, Lily Robinson, and a customer manager, Chris King:

Tiger bread giraffe bread Sainsbury's PR

The reactions are as follows:

  1. Great idea!
  2. Crap idea, obviously a PR stunt!
  3. What the hell, didn’t this do the rounds last year!?

I’m with all you number 3s, you clever, mindful lot. Yes it did do the rounds last year – and I swear the majority of the people talking about it as if it’s the best PR thing since sliced tigerbread shouted about it last year, too.

In spite of all that, the main difference now is that instead of just being a story about how a 27 and a 1/3 year old man wrote back to a 3 year old in a nice way along with a gift card, it’s now about the fact that Sainsbury’s are renaming it Giraffe Bread.

Source: Sainsbury’s blog, where they go over pretty much everything. They also address the fact the story has cropped up twice.

Here’s a closer look at Chris’ response:

Sainsbury's close up tiger bread

2 comments on Yes, the Sainsbury’s tigerbread story is from last year

  1. Andy says:

    Wow, we live in a cynical world where people complain because they had to see something again six months later (doesn’t stop them watching crap films ad infinitum, does it?) or that is just has to be a PR stunt.

    Apparently, little girls don’t ever write letters to companies — they’re all made up. Even if it was made up, perhaps people could just see it as a little bit of good-hearted ‘news’ in a world that, frankly, is going down the toilet faster than last night’s vindaloo.

    Shock, horror, Sainsbury’s has got some free publicity from this. At least this is a cute story (if you choose to see it) unlike some other retailers who seem to get free publicity on the BBC all the time (*cough* John Lewis *ahem*). I actually hadn’t seen this last year because I don’t spend ALL my time on social networks or reading about PR stuff — shoot me!

    Good on you Lily Robinson, even if you don’t exist…

  2. Rich Leigh says:

    And breathe.

    As a PR site, the majority of the people who read it work in PR/social media, so chances are:

    1) We do spend a lot of time on social networks and/or reading about PR stuff

    2) We’re going to be more cynical, given we spend our professional lives trying to consider ways to do for our clients just what Sainsbury’s has here (which I agree, is brilliant fun, real or not).

    Also, not sure why calling something a PR stunt has to be a negative thing.


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