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About/FAQ is a blog for PR and social media professionals. Rather than write paragraphs of dull block text, here’s a Q&A you may like to read…

Q. What is

A. PR Examples, or, is a blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR/social media marketing. My aim is for the site to become the place people in the industry come to procrastinate and/or draw inspiration from highlighted campaigns and stunts.

Q. Who’s behind it?

A. My name is Rich Leigh (Smith – though I usually just discard my surname, Leigh being my middle name. When I first started out in PR, I was convinced Richard Smith was the most common name in the world and that I’d be more memorable without it to journalists. I’m sure a psychiatrist would have another explanation).

I run my own consumer PR agency specialising in personal PR and creative campaigns (Rich Leigh & Company), working with leading brands and some very cool individual clients.

In early 2013 I co-founded Bloggabasea blogger relations platform, with Andy Barr.

Prior to/alongside that, I worked as a senior account director at Frank PR in London and before that, I worked at 10 Yetis PR Agency in Gloucester for five years. Before that I worked as a personal trainer. Seamless career transition, I know.

I tweet more than I probably should here – @RichLeighPR.

I’ve led award-winning PR campaigns for clients including Premier Inn, IKEA,, Water Aid,, and many others, was named in PR Week’s ‘29 under 29’ list of promising professionals, have been shortlisted in more ‘best young PR’ awards than I’d like – always the bloody bridesmaid – and was also shortlisted for the Mark Hanson award at the UK Social Media Awards, which recognises the brightest and most promising social media communicator under 30 years old. was set up in January 2012 as a multi-contributor site – kind of an extension of me writing and tweeting about good and bad PR.               

Q. I notice redirects here – is this a UK website?

A. I’m based in the UK. The aim is to highlight campaigns/stunts from all over the world, though.

Q. What do you mean by PR/social media stunts and campaigns?

A. Do you remember the Baby Gaga Ice Cream PR stunt, for the Icecreamists by Taylor Herring? Or when Scrabble was played by skydivers to celebrate the game’s 60th birthday? How about when Mischief PR handled this Horse Shoe stunt for Betfair, during Cheltenham Race Week? All great PR stunts. And the Best Job in the World’ campaign? One of my favourite marketing campaigns ever.

In terms of great social media efforts, you may remember Tippex’s Youtube bear advert – itself seemingly inspired by Burger King’s Subservient Chicken, the Tweet Pie Twitter-sourced recipe book campaign or Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like‘.

Obviously, these are all stand-out memorable efforts, but good work goes on every single day, carried out by agencies and in-house teams all over the world. It’s my aim to bring as many of these efforts to light as possible.                       

Q. Why

A. Google, really, if I’m honest. Its keyword tool tells me there are approximately 30,000+ monthly searches for the term “PR example/s”, 31,000+ for “PR campaign/s” and 8,000 for “PR stunt/s”. And knowing a keyword-rich domain name is helpful SEO-wise, I went for the only one available.

Q. Will I be able to contribute to the blog, at all?

A. Well, as a matter of fact, that’s kind of the point. This sites is a multi-contributor blog and I actively invite all interested in getting involved to contact me. If you are passionate about public relations and/or social media stunts and campaigns, you’ll probably want to read on to see the answers to questions you may have.

Q. OK. What do I get out of it?

A. Good question (I guess it should be, I just wrote it). You get what any blogger gets out of blogging. You get to write about a subject you’re passionate about or enjoy, but hopefully as well as that, the nature of the site as a multi-contributor blog will get your words out to a greater audience. Also, I’ll pay you 50p per word*.

Oh, and we won’t stop you linking to your agency/company website/Twitter profile in your blog if you wanted to, bringing with it the obvious SEO/potential traffic benefits. Unless it’s every other word, then we may have to have words.

*I won’t pay you 50p per word.

Q. I’m an agency owner – why should I care?

A. If you or one of your employees is contributing a current (or recent) campaign you did for a client, you never know when a potential client may stumble upon the example and get in touch because of it. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend that budget (or any sensitive/confidential information for that matter) is disclosed. There is also, especially as this site becomes better ranked itself, the obvious SEO benefits that come with linking to yourself and your clients from it. I’m not suggesting a link from this is tantamount to getting one from the Mail or anything like that, but it won’t hurt, either.

UPDATE – a number of people from agencies have said they’ve had new client opportunities after their work was spotted on this site, so I guess that’s not too shabby.

Q. How often would I be expected to contribute?

A. As much or as little as you want. If you spot a stunt or campaign you want to write about every day, feel free. Conversely, if you only write one blog and then forget about the site, I won’t be chasing you down. My aim is to allow authors to be as committed as they want to (and can) be. There are brilliant efforts every day – enough to keep one person busy full-time. Having many different authors will hopefully ensure we don’t miss campaigns/stunts, but also shouldn’t tax contributors too much, either.

Q. Will you edit my blogs?

A. Not beyond glaring spelling erors or grammatical issues, no. Rule of thumb: don’t say things that will make anybody sue either of us. If you do, I’ll delete your entry faster than you can say libel.

Q. Did any other current sites inspire this idea?

A. I’m a long-time fan of Adverblog. Adverblog’s mantra – ‘post the best, forget the rest’ is certainly something I’d like to emulate. I don’t want this site to dwell on the mundane, but rather focus on the impressive. I also liked The Wall (Brand Republic’s social media/marketing blog) for the way it allows bloggers to dip in and out of contributing without feeling as if they have to maintain regular entries.

Q. I’m in. How do I become an author, then?

A. Head to this page, complete the very short form and I’ll set you up with a username/login. From there, feel free to run things past me as and when you want to, but there’re absolutely no expectations.

Q. Are you on Twitter?

A. Yes, find us @PRexamples. Follow us, tell your friends, yada yada.

Any other questions? Contact me at 

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