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Green Flag hypnotise football fans for #itsoktoswitch campaign

Green Flag, a breakdown cover provider, wanted to convey how easy it is to switch to a different provider, and what better way to do this than hypnotize a bunch of die-hard football fans?!

In all seriousness this is a very nice campaign – shareable and funny, double whammy.

Green Flag hired a hypnotist to go into a pub and hypnotise Arsenal and Tottenham fans (arch enemies in the world of football if you didn’t know) into supporting the rival team, hence proving how easy it is to switch and that it’s oh so okay.

They packaged it into a nice little video and naturally because it’s funny and visual a number of outlets picked it up including The Sun, The Mirror, PR Week, The Express and Yahoo Sports.

Watch the full video here.

(Agency involved: Frank PR)

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