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Carlsberg surprise holidaymakers with free beer on baggage carousel

At London City airport, Carlsberg recently surprised holidaymakers at baggage reclaim with free crates of beer on the carousel.

Carlsberg airport baggage carousel

It’s a simple idea, and one that plays well into the ‘If Carlsberg did X‘ marketing line the company has been using FOREVER, but more recently with campaigns such as ‘if Carlsberg did billboards‘ and ‘if Carlsberg did haircuts‘.

Here’s the ‘if Carlsberg did cases’ campaign video:

Involved agency: Clifford French

  • Charissa

    I think Carlsberg is right on the money with these stunts. The “If Carlsberg did…X” idea shows that the company goes big and instead of going home. Consumers are going to remember the brand for a lifetime and all their social media followers will remember the brand as “The beer that so and so posted that picture of”. Brilliant.

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