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Banned TGI Friday’s TV advert is ‘leaked’ online

A ‘banned’ TV advert from TGI Friday’s has been leaked online to promote the launch of their new handcrafted burgers. They aim to demonstrate just how amazing these burgers really are and I think it’s fair to say they have succeeded. In the video we see a man and woman’s reaction to trying the new burgers for the first time with, well, a very positive response. See their reactions below.

A successful (if not slightly cheeky) way to create an online buzz around the brand before the official launch of their new burgers. I just wonder if they’re as good as they sound.

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  • Michael Bolton

    I doubt its banned or leaked fake old pr tut to be honest

  • chiptheduck

    What an awful ad. It’s convinced me never to go near a TGIF.

  • Glasheengal


  • lordlindley

    TGIF are one step up from McDonalds & Burgerking, but are still only for chavs & fat people! If you eat in any of the above you probably are obese & drink only at Whetherspoons. Sexy folk do not go there!!

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