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Magician Dynamo levitates beside London double-decker bus in eye-catching Pepsi MAX PR stunt

By on Monday, June 24, 2013

British magician Dynamo seemingly levitated next to a red double-decker, steadying himself with one palm on the top of the bus. The stunt was to announce his partnership with Pepsi MAX, kickstarting the brand’s ‘live for now’ campaign.

Standing at the bus’ side with his feet dangling in mid-air, he left from Millbank before the number 543 bus (this Guardian piece tells us there isn’t a number 543 in service) passed London landmarks such as Big Ben and the  Houses of Parliament. Jonathan Creek would have already worked out how it was done, but us mere mortals should all just sit back and appreciate what is a very nice visual stunt.

Dynamo levitates

Source: Tyler Peters, who went down to watch and tweeted about it

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8 Comments on "Magician Dynamo levitates beside London double-decker bus in eye-catching Pepsi MAX PR stunt"

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Alex Judd

According to one guardian reader, Dynamo can do this because he: “sold his soul 2 da illuminati fam”

Halit Bozdogan

Blu-tac. A metric ton of blu tac.


Wow, this really shows how good magicians in London can be.

Magician London

As a Lond Magician I appreciate that he’s doing this with a London bus.

London Magic

It’s great to see another magician in London perform a great stunt.

Duncan William

As a Wedding magician
Nottingham, its great to see Dynamo keeping magic cool and popular!!

Roger Lapin

This was awesome I saw it for myself as I was working in London that day – it looked so amazing – whatever you think of Dynamo he knows how to make an impression – London Magician – Roger Lapin

Duncan William

I saw Dynamo perform his magic show in Sheffield a few months back and his magic like this stunt was amazing!!