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A year of PRexamples – now, who’s for a beer? Your help needed…

One year ago yesterday, I published this post: Welcome: What Is PR Examples?

Since then:

  • There have been 544 posts
  • 108 people from all over the world, from PR students to heads of international agencies, have asked and been signed up to contribute
  • Hundreds of thousands of people have stumbled upon the site and
  • A couple of thousand people have signed up to the weekly newsletter, keeping you up to date with the week’s most popular PR stunts/campaigns (subscribe here if you don’t already)

The only thing I haven’t done in the last year that I’ve wanted to do is share a drink with readers and contributors and I think it’s about time to do something about that.

So, given we now have a valid reason to have a get together – the birthday (yes, a website can have a birthday, you pedant) – I have been in touch with media monitoring and database service Precise (we use it at 10 Yetis and it’s brilliant – and I’m not just saying it because they’re offering me COLD HARD CASH). The marketing team has kindly said that they’re happy to support a party by putting money behind the bar, dependent upon the final cost, I’d imagine.

Here’s what I’m thinking and after that, how you can help:

  1. I need somewhere to have a drink
  2. I need somewhere to have a drink that won’t cost thousands
  3. In London – somewhere the majority of people would want to go and feel comfortable, so not too alternative. You in the jeans so tight you’ll never need a vasectomy, you know what I mean
  4. If we can have a bar area/room to ourselves, brilliant
  5. That can cater for, I don’t know, a couple of hundred people (you’ll come won’t you? WON’T YOU?)
  6. Looking at the calendar, the end of February/first weekend in March (Friday 1st onwards) looks possible, giving me a month to move my lazy backside and organise something, whilst giving you enough time to pick out your finest frock (gents)
  7. I have a (world record breaking) friend doing something absolutely incredible for charity. I’m considering a voluntary donation at the door/throughout the night

And here’s how you can help:

  • I’m not a cool London kid. I’m really not. I’m from Gloucester, where we’re known for chasing eggs, serial killers with accents that ironically, make you want to resort to mass murder and a man that despite his years of medical training, was apparently stupid enough to step into a puddle right up to his middle. If you can point me in the direction of a bar or two that might be able to accommodate all of the above, I would be very, very grateful
  • Clear your diaries for the above dates
  • And umm, that’s it.

Please do tweet me, comment below or email me if you have any ideas related to the above – especially if you have suggestions for the night!

Cheers all.

(My wife just read this and said ‘that’s a long-winded way to ask one question. Bah).

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