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Hay booksellers protest to ban Kindle

I came across this protest stunt in a local newspaper, the Hereford Times 2 hours ago. It has just been picked up by the Mail Online and will probably snowball.


The Hay-on-Wye literary festival may be overshadowed by a protest organised by a number of book shop owners.  They blame the Kindle, Amazon’s book reading device, for the closure of six independent book shops.

 One of the protesters, called Derek Addyman, has built a rather bizarre scene in his book shop, depicting a gravestone with one of the e-book readers. The protesters are threatening to boycott the festival if the e-readers are seen at any of the venues hosting the event.

It remains to be seen how this boycott will be enforced.  But it is a great example how you can achieve big publicity with a protest, a few well thought-out photos and the help of a regional newspaper.

  • jennab

    Its not much of a “stunt” and with 100,000 people here in town over the course of the week, the few booksellers aren’t going to put up much of a boycott.  Mostly because they are going to be too busy in their shops with all those people browsing the shops.  Its mostly embarrassing to the town. Luddites, indeed….

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